Topography of Vulnerabilities #2

Photo: Montag Modus, Barbara Antal

Two Plants, a Nagra and an Oscillator having a conversation on how do we continue to function and exist in conditions that are contributing to our extinction.

Expanding on the artists’ ongoing research which started with “Bird Bird, Touch
Touch, Sing Sing«” (2019) on inter-dependency, vulnerability, closeness, disorientation, and trust, they are questioning the effects that the current and
post-pandemic climate has on these themes, where the policing of intimacies
has become unquestionable and normalised.

At Ignition Cycle and FOMO, the duo presents the latest iteration of “Topography
of Vulnerabilities #2” which was first presented at the daadgalerie in July 2020.
This time, the work evolves into an installation with sound, light and plant elements using generative electronic sounds, an unstable horizontal tape loop and
two plants installed into a lightless subterranean environment – a continuation
of the duo’s attempts at impossibilities -, attempting to exist in an environment
where conditions are detrimental to existence.